09 Dic 2019


10:00 am - 5:00 pm



71st Anniversary Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Organizations from civil society are working together on the preparations of the event that celebrates the 71st Anniversary of the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights.

It will take place this coming 9th December 2019, in Geneva at Room XXIV of the Palais des Nations, United Nations, starting at 10 AM.

In this important moment of world changes we are living, when challenges of Human Rights keep arising day after day, the United Declaration of Human Rights is one of the most important documents signed in the world’s history, and being a key tool for peace keeps being extremely unknown to general population and even civil servants from member states, impeding in this way its logical application even in the daily day life.

Our meeting intends to gather grass roots movements representatives from around the world, showing their good practices in making the UDHR broadly known in society, starting from the school, the neighbourhood, their Faith and public institutions. With this, we want to give each participant a renewed purpose on making the UDHR known and also gaining more and different successful ways of making this happen. We will also open the event to public institutions that are willing to inform civil society on the different ways in which they can cooperate together for the noble cause of making Human Rights a closer reality, and live in a world with fewer differences creating more Tolerance and Peace.

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